Who we are?

Supriya Trading & Services Company is establishing our presence in home and export markets by introducing products that are value-added when it goes through our hands and the world-class services are assured when it gets to the customers. We discover products that are of high value in terms of customer needs and their tastes and preferences. Diversified and innovative methodologies are applied in selecting the product lines in order to cater to the varied needs of society as a whole.
We are a group of professionals enthusiastically striving to prove to be effective in winning the hearts of the mass by introducing cost-effective and user-friendly solutions and always to be socially accountable when it comes to the quality of the products and the services we trade or offer. Supreme Solar Projects Pvt. Ltd is approved by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) – Government of India, New Delhi and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Quality Uniforms

  • School Uniforms
  • Industrial/Safety Wear
  • Corporate/Work Uniforms
  • Hospitality
  • Retail


  • A Solar Water Heater provides hot water for bathing, washing, cleaning, etc. using solar energy.
  • Generally installed at the terrace/where sunlight is available
  • It heats water during day time and stores hot water in an insulated storage tank for the usage of the same when required.

All Supreme Solar water heating systems come with world-class technology of PUF insulated High-Grade steel for inner tanks and external tanks are powder coated/Stainless steel which increases the lifespan and durability of the solar heaters.


  • Metallic type
  • Longer life compared to ETC
  • Available with/without heat exchanger and works with/without pump
  • Saves electricity depending on the amount of hot water used.


  • Made of Glass and fragile in nature
  • Cheaper compared to FPC
  • Available with/without heat exchanger and works with/without pump
  • Saves electricity depending on the amount of hot water used.


Glass Lined Solar water Heater is made out of an in-house process of glass lining inside the metal tank by Supreme Solar Products Pvt. Ltd, the manufacturers of Supreme Solar Water Heaters. The creation facility for glass enamel covering tanks is completely mechanized and first of its kind in India


How to get Hot water on cloudy/rainy day

On cloudy days also, if it is for a day or two, you still get warm water as the water gets heated due to diffused radiation available in the atmosphere. The system however is either connected to an electric geyser in the house or an electrical back-up is provided in the storage tank of the system which is switched on when water is not sufficiently hot.

Size and Capacity of the system to be used

For 3 to 4 members use, 100 LPD capacity system should be sufficient, For more members, the capacity will increase accordingly.

Maintenance Requirements

  • Domestic solar water heating system does not require significant maintenance. Occasional leakages in the plumbing could be easily repaired by the common plumbers
  • If the quality of the water is hard, scale deposition in the collectors may result over years and descaling with acids can be done.
  • Broken glass may have to be replaced


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